FUTURAMA is a sci-fi animated-comedy created by Matt Groening (creator of the massively popular animated-comedy The Simpsons).

Pizza delivery boy Phillip Fry accidently gets cryogenically frozen in 1999. He wakes up 1000 years in the future to a world of beer guzzling robots, crustacean physicians, a maniacal murderous Santa, downtrodden aliens and a living Richard Nixon (whose lust for power remains immense despite being physically reduced to nothing more than a disembodied head in a jar).

The former pizza delivery boy finds a new job - as a delivery boy for Planet Express. In this new life, Fry helps save the Earth from a race of super-intelligent cats, travels to an underwater city where he falls in love with a mermaid, goes on a journey through a sewer system inhabited by mutants (who unfortunately do not bear any strong resemblance to the X-Men) and has a series of other outlandish, hysterical adventures.





The imaginative and compelling humour of Futurama make it one of television’s greatest animated comedies.

Look out for: Homer Simpson must have passed away roughly 1000 years before most of the events of Fry’s life that we witness. However when viewers watch the sloppy, oafish yet ultimately likable 25-year-old Fry, they may wonder if middle-aged Homer was a “future” version of the Futurama protagonist.

Starring:: Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal

First Broadcast: 1999

Wikipedia: Link

Available On: Amazon Video and DVD Box Set

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