DARIA is an animated comedy about an ultra-dry-witted high schooler trying to tolerate the experience of adolescent life.





The show follows an introverted, unpopular, highly intelligent, teenager as she trudges through her life filled with jocks, cheerleaders, teachers, fashionistas, her family and many other individuals with whom she wishes she had no contact. The trademark feature of the show is the title character’s biting sarcastic commentary about all that she is forced to endure.

Much like other products of the 90’s, the show screams to us that society is just a bunch of stupid, pointless customs, institutions, ideas and obligations; and that the idea that one should interact with society with even a modicum of enthusiasm is utterly ridiculous. Daria may not be a black-clad Marilyn Manson devotee but she is darker and gloomier than the spookiest of goths.

Daria does not offer the big laughs one gets from programmes like South Park. However, fans of the subtle comedy of shows like King of the Hill will find Daria consistently enjoyable.

Look out for: The show features a soundtrack of awesomely nostalgia-inducing songs from its era, many of which come from the alternative rock genre. Thanks to this soundtrack and the overall feel and message of the show, Daria delivers viewers a delightful shot to the face with a shotgun loaded with the zeitgeist of the 1990s

Starring: Tracy Grandstaff, Wendy Hoopes, Julian Rebolledo

First Broadcast: 1997

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Available On: DVD