What would happen if a major American city was hit by a major virus which could not be treated? Who would get blamed? How would they stop the outbreak? Could the law survive in a state of panic? CONTAINMENT was a limited series which explored the questions in an explosive drama on E4.


Storyline 4
Acting 4
Visuals 3
Soundtrack 5
Overall 4

An addictive drama, which got me wanting more after every episode! Containment brings constant blood, fighting and violence. The only down-point is the series got cancelled after Series 1, which leaves the show on a cliffhanger.

What made this show work, is the fact a disease could really happen in real life! It has been a while since an epidemic wiped out a large city, but there has been many times where the UK worried about it. Think bird flu and ebola.

You may take a while to fall in love with the characters because of the huge cast, but it will happen! Families are used to the most effect, with them being devastated by the virus numerous times. You never know who will be next, and that is how a virus is.

Look out for: Police going rogue! Even police have their weaknesses, and as the virus spreads, so does the nerves within Police Officers. Some wimp out, others go rogue and another works for the Government! It makes for a fascinating watch.

Starring David Gvasi, Christina Moses, Chris Wood

First Broadcast: 2016

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Available on:  DVD