19-2 (2014) VERDICT

19-2 (2014) VERDICT

Set in Montreal, 19-2 follows a group of patrol officers as they attempt to keep their city and their personal lives in order. Adapted into English from the original French-language series, this Canadian series shows the challenging, and often spontaneous, requirements of policing in a twenty-first century metropolis.

19-2 2014 SERIES


Storyline 4
Acting 4
Visuals 4
Soundtrack 3
Overall 4


Intelligent, gripping, and at times surreal, 19-2 is Canada’s answer to Southland, a well-paced, deeply insightful study of contemporary policing and the lives of those tasked with protecting the public. In places, 19-2 becomes an exploration of human nature, the choices of its three-dimensional characters causing ripples in the most unexpected of places, as they grapple with the harsh reality of the world around them, and how beauty and depravity seem to go hand-in-hand.

Look out for: “School”, the second season opener, features a stunning twelve-minute single take featuring almost every character in an incredible piece of cinematography, surpassing the five-minute Dunkirk scene from Joe Wright’s Atonement. It’s breath taking in its scale, and the perceptible level of imminent threat will leave viewers at the edge of their seats.

Starring Claude Legault, Real Bosse, Benz Antoine

Year Broadcast: 2014

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