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Stuart Hancock has been watching on proudly as his score performs on the new secondly series of Atlantis (available here), which aired on BBC One in 2015. We spoke to Stuart and asked why the score was so different, "The whole of the tone shifted for series two. Everything is darker, a bit more adult,…
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  Television's new talent show, Phone Shop Idol (BBC1, Tuesday 22:00) provides a look into a lifestyle competition – something which can change someone's livelihood and career. It's based around Shop Idol, a competition which sees mobile sales representatives battle against each other, to be crowned King or Queen of the Industry. It sounds quite…
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1. 24 was originally planned to be a romantic comedy. The idea was to show a day in the life of a wedding, but that was swiftly scrapped. 2. Apparently a 12-hour digital clock was used in the series, because the show thought a 24-hour numerals clock would confuse American viewers. 3. James Badge Dale…
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War and Peace (BBC1, Sundays 9PM) has attacked our screens again thanks to a 20th century adoption of Leo Tolstoy's book. BBC said it was starting as it meant to go on in 2016 and that will be good news for many. Based in 1805, we follow families who are stunned by news that Russia…
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