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  Scott Mahoney is one of the star dealers in ITVs new motor show Deals, Wheels and Steals and has previously appeared as an extra in some low budget films. In an exclusive to Telly Binge - Scott spoke to us about the show, how he got involved and why he is the best dealer…
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1. Pez aka Roland Pryzbylewski, was the only police officer to fire a weapon (three times) during the entire series, which spanned up to around sixty hours. 2. A spin-off show called The Hall was thought over. The idea would follow Tommy Carcetti and the dirty business of Baltimore politics. Unfortunately HBO rejected the idea,…
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  Miles Roughley is a promising young actor who has already appeared on Les Miserables, Sky Atlantic's Mr Sloan and more recently Partners In Crime. In an exclusive to Telly Binge, we spoke to Miles and asked him about his acting, what the future holds and his favourite bits so far. In July, Partners In…
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  Lee Boardman is best known for his starring roles in Drop Dead Gorgeous, Coronation Street and voice of Road Wars. He has recently featured in The Interceptor and will soon appear in Christ the Lord. In an exclusive to Telly Binge, we spoke to the actor about his roles within various media, what it…
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