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Founded in May 2015, Telly Binge is a website which focuses on providing gossip for both mainstream and satellite television shows. We provide exclusive articles ranging from interviews, episode reviews, top 10 moments to hilarious celebrity clips.

Telly Binge is ran entirely by volunteers and is a non-profit website.

Despite having no budget for advertisement or paid staff, we have a 15,000+ following from our social media channels. We have various sponsors who help us run regular competitions and exclusive interview pieces.

Our monthly newsletter currently goes out to over 900 people, and is getting around 50 new subscribers every week.


We do not fake news

Sick of websites which advertises 'baitnews'? We are here to provide geniuine news, we won't make stuff up or create a silly headline. Our main aim is to provide good coverage to television shows which air in the UK.

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