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by Steven Broadbent on August 28 2015

The Wire SKY 2015

1. Pez aka Roland Pryzbylewski, was the only police officer to fire a weapon (three times) during the entire series, which spanned up to around sixty hours.

2. A spin-off show called The Hall was thought over. The idea would follow Tommy Carcetti and the dirty business of Baltimore politics. Unfortunately HBO rejected the idea, mainly due to poor ratings.

3. During the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama mentioned The Wire several times, telling various audiences that it was one of his favorite TV shows.

4. Many considered it a top quality television series, yet The Wire always struggled to gain viewers. The ratings fell to one million during some series with it peaking at around four million - which many other shows manage to beat by double.

5. The Wire was only nominated for an Emmy Award (recognizing excellence in the television industry) and never won one. It was recognized for its writing twice.

6. Creator David Simon had to plead to keep The Wire from being battered off air after Season 4. However he always hoped for a sixth series, yet the continued poor ratings of the fifth, ensured it would never happen.

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